Authentic Lash Extentions.

Londin Lash Studio in Saskatoon specializes in hand-detailed, customized, dramatic or natural lash extensions. Whether it's for that special day or for every day wear, our lashes are tailored for you to ensure an authentic and natural look that fills in your lashline and frees you from your mascara.

Your Beautiful Lashes

Whether you want a dramatic, Elizabeth Taylor masterpiece or eyelashes that are great for everyday wear, Londin Lash Studio has options for you. If you aren't sure which set is the best for what you need, ask us! We are experienced not only in the technical aspects of lash extensions, but also the style.

Our Studio

Located in the beautiful Broadway district of Saskatoon, our newly renovated studio is full of big city chic! The space is designed to make you feel pampered while enjoying your experience, having fun and leaving feeling glamourous both inside and out! The Londin Lash Studio is set up for lash and brow esthetics only. Please ask us about our safety regulations and the steps we take to ensure the health, protection and safety of your eyes.

Our Service

Our friendly, knowledgeable lash stylists will fit you with the perfect eyelashes for your style and comfort. At Londin Lash, we want to achieve a look that suits you best and also protects your natural lashes and eye health. The Londin Lash Studio stylists can choose from a diverse selection of lashes in different curls, thicknesses and lengths to create your unique lash. We want you to be happy with your lashes so please ask us any questions if you aren't sure what you are looking for! Our lashes are customized and hand-styled. We believe that careful attention to detail makes all the difference in your look and experience. Depending on the set of lashes you choose and your natural lash line, your lash extension appointment can take up to two hours to complete, so please plan accordingly.
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