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Bespoke Eyelash Extensions

At Londin Lash, we get inspiration from around the world. Some of the best lash artists come from Europe. In fact, it was Russian lash artists that created the “Russian Volume Lash”. The other day, I was creeping on one … Continue reading

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Will Eyelash Extensions Damage My Lashes?

Interview with Brianna founder of Londin Lash Studio Can eyelash extensions damage your lashes? BRIE: Eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes.  But, they need to be properly applied by a trained lash artist.  But, if the person applying your … Continue reading

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How to Care for Lash Extensions

Clean lashes last longer! It just takes following a few simple steps to help keep your lashes looking their best! First 24 hours Do not get your lashes soaking wet. Avoid hot and sweaty situation like hot yoga, saunas, hot … Continue reading

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The First 24 Hours

The first twenty-four hours are critical in keeping your lashes full and beautiful as long as possible. Eyelash extension glue cures rather than dries. It takes about twenty-four hours for the bonds to be strong and flexible. If there is … Continue reading

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Lash Hook Up or Long Term Commitment?

Relationships come in all sizes, shapes, and colours. Some are just a summer fling. Neither party is ready to settle down. Both just want a "no strings attached" summer. You’ll get no judgment from Londin. Sometimes, a girl just wants … Continue reading

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