Will Eyelash Extensions Damage My Lashes?

Before and After Russian Volume Lash

Before and After Russian Volume Lash
Multiple light weight eyelash extensions formed into a fan shape and applied to a single natural lash.

Interview with Brianna founder of Londin Lash Studio

Can eyelash extensions damage your lashes?

BRIE: Eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes.  But, they need to be properly applied by a trained lash artist.  But, if the person applying your lashes does not use the correct lash weight, if she uses too much glue, or if she doesn’t isolate the natural lashes correctly, permanent damage can happen.

What does Londin Lash Studio do to prevent lash damage?

BRIE: Lash damage comes from three main sources: applying a single extension or volume fan that is too heavy for your natural lash, using too much glue, or gluing your natural lashes to each other. We call those “stickies”.

At Londin, we are constantly assessing the health of your natural lashes. We look at your natural lashes. Is your natural lash thick or thin?  We can choose from six different lash diameters to safely extend your natural lash. How long is your natural lash?  If you have naturally short lashes, it is not safe to extend with extremely long extensions. Are there gaps in the lash line? We watch your lash line over multiple appointments and keep detailed client notes that track your lash health.

How can I tell if my lashes are too heavy?

BRIE: You should never feel your lash extensions. Think of your lashes like the branches on a tree. If you put too much weight on the branch, it will break.  It’s the same with lashes.

If your lashes are twisting or feel like they are pulling they may be too heavy for your natural lash. Too much glue can also make your lashes feel heavy. Our lash stylists can choose from lash extensions weighing 0.0003 gm to 0.0030 gm. We can truly customize a lash design to safely give you lash extensions.

How can I tell if my lashes aren’t applied properly?

BRIE: Remember that you should never feel your lash extensions. At Londin, our lash stylists are trained to isolate each natural lash before attaching either a single extension or volume fan.

Our eyelashes grow at different rates. At anytime, you’ll have baby lashes that are actively growing, teenage lashes that are filling out, and mature lashes that are getting ready to shed.  If two natural lashes are stuck together, the one that is actively growing can actually tug out its neighbour.  The lashes will feel uncomfortable.

Extensions need to be placed the correct distance from the lid.  Lash adhesive or extensions should never touch your eyelid. We’re trained to apply the lash extension 1-2 mm away from the eyelid. If an extension touches the lid, it can be incredibly uncomfortable. Your lid may even get puffy and swell up. It’s not an allergic reaction, but rather poor technique.

How can I choose a lash stylist?

BRIE: Wow, this could be a separate topic!  Check their work on Facebook and Instagram.  Check out their lash studio space.  Are you confident in the cleanliness and attention to sanitation? Lastly, ask lots of questions! A professional lash stylist will always be more than happy to answer your questions!

Brianna is the owner and master stylist at Londin Lash Studio.

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