Lash Hook Up or Long Term Commitment?

winkRelationships come in all sizes, shapes, and colours. Some are just a summer fling. Neither party is ready to settle down. Both just want a "no strings attached" summer. You’ll get no judgment from Londin. Sometimes, a girl just wants lashes for the short term. It might be for a mascara free summer or a special event like a wedding or graduation. We get it… We’ve been there. But, just like that summer boyfriend, there are smart ways to break up and not so smart. If you need a lash break, never remove your lashes yourself. You can damage your natural lashes. Come on into Londin. All our lash removals are complimentary for our clients. We will safely remove any extensions and leave you with a healthy lash line. No judgment. Just a warning… Sometimes you fall in love with your lashes and can’t bear to break up. It’s like that summer boyfriend that morphs into the winter boyfriend and then the next summer boyfriend. All of a sudden, you are driving three kids in a mini van to soccer practice. But, your lashes will look amazing!
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