Bespoke Eyelash Extensions

At Londin Lash, we get inspiration from around the world. Some of the best lash artists come from Europe. In fact, it was Russian lash artists that created the “Russian Volume Lash”. The other day, I was creeping on one of my British inspirations, Frankie Widdows. She was using the term “bespoke”. Hmmn – I know a “WC” means washroom. “Gobsmacked” means amazed. “Fanny”? Well, you can Google that one. Just, don’t refer to a fanny pack when visiting the UK. What does “bespoke” mean? be-spoke /bəˈspōk/ 1.past of bespeak. adjective BRITISH 1.(of goods, especially clothing) made to order. For example, "a bespoke suit". Bespoke lashes are customized lashes. As Londin Lash artists, we have over 130 different lash extensions in various thicknesses, lengths, and curls to choose from. To prevent lash damage, we match the lash extensions to your natural lash strength. Next, we look at the shape of your eye as well as how it is positioned relative to your eyebrows and other facial features. We’ve got all sorts of tricks to make a small eye look larger, reduce the look of a hooded lid, improve a droopy eye, and more. Sometimes, we’ll even use different lashes from eye to eye to make your eyes look balanced. Book an appointment or call Londin Lash. We’d love to bespoke your lashes.
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