Welcome to Londin Lash

The eyes are the window of the soul… English Proverb

My obsession with eyes started young… Grade three to be exact. I “borrowed” my mom’s mascara, hid it in my backpack and then got on the school bus. When I got to school, I bee lined for the girl’s washroom and applied a subtle coat of mascara. There was an art to this. The look had to natural enough to avoid detection by my teachers and parents, but dramatic enough to make those baby blue’s pop. My obsession with lashes continued with the search for the perfect mascara. My bathroom was littered with tubes promised to lengthen and thicken and make me look like Katy Perry. But, somehow, it never was quite like the pictures in the ad. Then I discovered lash extensions and haven’t looked back since. In 2014, I opened Londin Lash Studio in the historic Broadway district of Saskatoon. At Londin Lash Studio, our stylists specialize in hand-detailed lash extensions. Using exclusive styles and techniques, our stylist will analyze your eye shape and style preference. The stylist will chose specific lash lengths, thickness and curls to give you the lashes you’ve always desired. Come visit us on Broadway. We love to share our passion for all things lash and brow! Brianna vanDuyvendyk, Founder, Londin Lash Studio
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